Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Candidate for NYS Assembly-District 22

I had the honor to interview Milagros Vicente democratic candidate for New York State Assembly.  She is originally from the South Bronx, but she moved her family to Valley Stream/Nassau County to provide them with a better quality of life.  She is a wife, mother of three children, and a compassionate human being who advocates for children with special needs.
Milagros did not hesitate to utilize her experience in New York City politics and quickly became involved in local politics in the community.  She was instrumental in the election of a local politician.  In addition, she was involved and led the efforts of “Save the 5th Precinct” rallies.

Milagros is passionate about maintaining the quality of life in the community.  For example, she wants to preserve services for children/persons with special needs like Able-Ride.  She also wants to create responsible and sustainable economic development for the community. 

If you are a registered democrat, please come out on September 13th to exercise your right to vote.  To read more about Milagros Vicente, visit her website at www.friendsofmilagros.com-
Get Involved, Be Active, and Be Heard!

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