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La Reina Afro-Latina is a mother, wife, educator, fashionista, print model, friend, life coach on balancing MOTHERHOOD and WOMANHOOD, and a charismatic people’s person.  She is passionate about her convictions, strives to put her best foot forward, and prides on being Authentic.  She has been a trail blazer and a fierce leader who served as Vice President of Mocha Moms, Inc.-a moms’group that provides support to women of color.  She is also a proud member of the illustrious sorority, Delta Sigma Theta, Inc.-a community based service organization.

Over the years, La Reina Afro-Latina has established her BRAND as a confident, intelligent and fabulous woman.   For more than 15 years, she worked in the Information Technology field, but due to the economic downturn in 2009 she was laid off.  Despite the setback, she seized the opportunity and re-invented herself by going back to college.  As a result, she is a 2012 graduate with a Master of Science in Adolescence Education- Concentration in Spanish- a New York State Certified Spanish Teacher and a Certified English as a Second Language teacher as of September 2013.  While pursuing her graduate degree, she was featured in various print advertisements, and a television commercial which made her “The Face” of her University. 

La Reina Afro-Latina created this website with YOU in mind.  She is passionate about women’s well-being and how they perceive themselves.  For this reason, she constructed a platform to disseminate information, provide advice, post her experiences, inspire, and engage in dialogues with women from all walks of life.  She addresses her blog readers as Reinas (Queens).  She strongly believes that every woman is a QUEEN and has the power to control her own destiny.  Therefore, she advocates for women rights and equality.   

La Reina Afro-Latina was once called, “a multi-dimensional woman” by one of her favorite professors because she possesses many dimensions that embody a modern woman.  She is passionate about motherhood, women's health and wellness, politics, tennis, fashion, education, traveling, and living life to its fullest potential.  She often quotes Maya Angelou,  "people operate on the level that they know because when you know better you do better.”  

 La Reina-Afro Latina dot com readers are Modern and Multi-Dimensional! 

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