Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Holiday Traditions

Hola Reinas,
Christmas Day is an exciting time for our children.  My son woke up  in the crack of dawn and couldn't wait to open his presents like many of your children.  We finally got out of bed around 8:00 a.m. to open his gifts.  One of the things that I do every year is that I buy ornaments  that represent his interests for the year.  This year, he expressed in many school projects that he wanted to be an astronaut,  so I bought an astronaut ornament.  Using a permanent black marker, I write the year on the bottom.  My Christmas' tree theme every year is "All about Narmer."  I hang every ornament that he has created in school over the years in addition to the ornaments that I buy for him.  My tree topper is a female angel that watches over him :-).  These are some of my traditions.  What are your traditions?  I hope that you have a joyous and wonderful Christmas Day! 

Narmer's 2014 ornament

We visited
Rockefeller Plaza Christmas Tree

Monday, December 23, 2013

Classic Fashion Tips

Hi Reinas,

Are you ready for RED?

 -Red lipstick is a sign of Confidence.  That's why women love wearing red lipstick because it is timeless, classic and bold.  Be Confident and Wear it, too!

 The Holidays are Here!  It is the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone and put on your red lipstick and conquer the WORLD! 

 Got Leather?
 -Although leather is currently the biggest trend, it is classic and can be worn year after year.  It is truly a great investment!  
New Hair Style?

-When a woman changes her hair style, it is very refreshing.  She looks updated and modern. I chose a shorter hair cut because it compliments my face and bone structure.
***Remember to BE Confident, BE Intelligent, and BE Fabulous!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Famility Time

Hello Reinas,

It is very important that a family spends quality time together.  There are many ways that this can be accomplished without breaking the bank.  My family and I have been visiting Washington, D.C. on a yearly basis.  This trip is economical because there are so many free educational activities.  For example, the Smithsonian Zoo is a one of my son's favorite destination due to its variety of species.    Guess what?  It is free!!   We also visit the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History,  Martin Luther King, Jr exhibit, Lincoln Memorial, etc.  As an educator, I stress the importance of exposing our children to many meaningful experiences.  Moreover, it is essential  that we equip our children with as much prior knowledge so that when these topics come up in school they are able to discuss and contribute to classroom discussions. 

***Tip***- To save on lodging expenses,  you can stay in Arlington, VA, which is located right outside of Washington, D.C.
Narmer at  Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum

For us, a trip to the D.C. area is not completed without visiting Howard University


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Anderson Live-Post-Election Town Hall Meeting

Hello Queens (Hola Reinas):


I have been a political junkie for many years.  So I was thrilled when on November 7th, 2012,  I had an opportunity to attend a post-election town hall meeting @AndersonLive located in New York City.  I was seated in the first row with fellow mommy bloggers tweeting catchy phrases or remarks from the audience or hosts.  The studio was full of euphoria because most participants had voted for President Obama.  The co-host in the studio was Deborah Norville because Anderson Cooper was in Washington, D.C. covering the election.  Therefore, he joined us via teleconference along with Meghan McCain who is an outspoken moderate Republican.  She is also the daughter of Senator McCain who ran against President Obama in 2008.  Meghan’s views on social issues depart from her political party's affiliation.

The audience had an opportunity to chat before the live show aired about the election results.  It was interesting to hear the views of the few Republicans who attended the town hall meeting.  Some people expressed that they changed their vote for President Obama at the polling place.  Moreover, a Republican woman recounted her experience at the voting booth.  The woman claimed that she left her home with the intention to vote for the Republican ticket.   But at the voting booth, she reflected on how President Obama had handle Hurricane Sandy.  At the same time, she also recalled Romney’s gaffes with regards to women, and the comment about the forty-seven percent of Americans.  As a whole this women who shall remain nameless, felt that the Republican candidate came across detached from the average American citizen.  Consequently, she couldn't pull the lever to vote for the Romney/Ryan ticket.  Instead, she voted for the POTUS to grant him a landslide re-election victory. 
I really enjoyed my visit to the Anderson Live show.  It was certainly a great experience, especially because it was such a historic election in our country.
If you would like to get more information on the Anderson Live show, please visit the website at